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Unit Standard 23755 - V1, Level 3, Credit 3 - Identify and self-evaluate the demands of a specific role in a tourism workplace - Element 1-3


Identify role demands

Task One

You have been working as a tour guide for Gannet Beach Adventures in the Hawkes Bay for the past year. You have been asked by your employer to help compile a new job description for future tour guides. Your manager is particularly interested in the skills, knowledge and attribute requirements you think are necessary to become a good tour guide and some of the stressors and potential outcomes guides may face.

Using the "task answer sheets" provided complete the following tasks:

1. Name five skills tour guides are required to have in order to be able to offer a quality service. Element 1 (PC 1.1)

2. What are five areas of knowledge you would require as a guide for Gannet Beach Adventures. Element 1 (PC 1.2)

3. What are three attributes (qualities) you believe a tour guide working at this company should have. Element 1 (PC 1.3)

4. Evaluate five strengths and weaknesses (skills, knowledge and attributes) you have, compared to workplace expectations for your role as a tour guide (PC 2.1-22) You will complete the "task answer sheet" provided.

Task Two

1. One of the areas which has caused you some distress in the past year has been the number of stressful situations you have found yourself in. It would be good for your manager to note this especially when identifying some of the realities of the job for the job description. Make a list of six sources of stress associated with the role of tour guide. (Element 3 (PC 3.1)

Use the "answer sheet" provided

2. Now describe two (potentially) unfavourable outcomes of stress.(Element 3 (PC 3.2)

Use the "answer sheet" provided

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