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e-Learning activity summary

Title: Select and share your research topic for this course (under the umbrella of change with digital technologies in education)
2 hours
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Links with annotated bibliography for Assignment 1 and Assignment 2 and the final research paper/case study for the course

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The purpose of this e-Activity is to:
  • Select a research topic, under the umbrella of change with digital technologies in education, to direct your study of the literature during this course in preparation for the final research paper or case study you will submit.
  • Share your research topic with fellow students providing opportunities for feedback from your peers and to identify shared research interests.

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  1. Read the requirements for Assignment on reviewing a change model and the final Assignment on preparing a research paper or case study. This will direct the scope of your research topic.
  2. Read the resource links provided above for help on thinking about a research topic.
  3. We strongly recommend that you select a research topic of interest from your own context so that your research is informed from authentic experience.
  4. Brainstorm and share your initial ideas by posting in the relevant discussion forum, for example:
    • What emerging or new technologies are of interest to you?
    • Have there been any changes relating to digital technology in your own educational context in recent times? (Useful considerations for a case study)
    • Do you anticipate any changes relating to digital technology in your own educational context in the foreseeable future? (Useful considerations for a research paper).
    • With reference to the broad theme of change with digital technologies in education in your context, what questions do we need to answer? (Useful considerations for a research paper).
    • Drawing on your experience of change with digital technologies in your own context, what questions should the implementers have asked? (Useful considerations for a case study).
  5. Finalise your topic for research.

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Learning outcome actions

Prepare and publish a blog post of 400 words on your proposed research topic. You should address the following in your post[1]:
  • STATE your research topic and identify the specific digital technology (or technologies).
  • WHY did you choose the topic? What interests you about it? Do you have an opinion about the issues involved?
  • WHO are the information providers on this topic? Who might publish information about it? Who is affected by the topic? Do you know of organizations or institutions affiliated with the topic?
  • WHAT are the major questions for this topic? Is there a debate about the topic? Are there a range of issues and viewpoints to consider?
  • WHERE is your topic important: at the local, national or international level? Are there specific places affected by the topic?
  • WHEN is/was your topic important? Is it a current event or an historical issue? Do you want to compare your topic by time periods?


  1. Aspects of the learning outcome actions have been derived from selecting a research topic published by MIT libraries under a CC-BY-SA license