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e-Learning activity summary

Title: Whole school evaluation based on the e-Learning Planing Framework
2 - 3 hours

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The purpose of this E-Activity is to gain insight into the application of the e-Learning Planning Framework by conducting a high-level self-evaluation for a school of your choice.

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  1. Review the components of the e-Learning Framework
  2. Download a copy of the template for the e-Learning Planning Framework - whole school levelPDF down.png activity.
  3. For each of the components assess a school of your choice by shading the boxes to show where you think your school sits in relation to the eLPF. Think about the evidence on which you are basing your assessment.

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Learning outcome actions

  1. Prepare a blog post of 400 to 500 words where you summarise the results of your whole school evaluation using the eLPF.
    • Describe the organisation in two or three sentences (do not disclose or publish the name of the organisation unless you have permission from senior leadership of the organisation to do so. Remember that you blog is public). For example: I have selected a small secondary school in a rural area in New Zealand. The school's current e-learning approach is characterised by .... "
    • Consider scanning or taking a photograph of your shaded e-Learning Planning Framework templatePDF down.png to illustrate your blog post. (Be sure that you do not disclose organisation details.)
    • Summarise your average rating of the school for each of the 5 areas and justify your decision.
    • List examples of the evidence you consulted to inform your value judgements.
    • Publish a disclaimer that your assessment was conducted as a personal learning exercise to gain understanding of the eLPF and your assessments were restricted to public documentation without detailed insights into all organisational processes.