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Welcome to the Commonwealth Executive MBA / MPA Degree, Diploma and Certificate Programmes

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C1 - Management Information Systems

C2 - Management in Organisations

C3 - Managing Human Resources

C4 - Production / Operations Management

C5 - Economic Environment

C6 - Public Systems Management

C8 - Marketing Management

C9 - Accounting & Finance

B891 - International Marketing Strategy


SC1 - Public Policy

Specialist Core Courses

SC2 - Development Planning & Administration

SC3 - Strategic Management

SC4 - Quality Management


E1 - Electronic Commerce

E2 - Project Management

E5 - Managerial Economics

E7 - Policy Analysis & Implementation

E8 - Contemporary Administrative Systems

E9 - Disaster Management

E10 - Corporate Finance

Research Methods


The Objective of the project course is to help the student develop ability to apply multidisciplinary concepts, tools and techniques to solve organizational problems.

Type of Project

The project may be from any one of the following types:

The learner is expected to select the project in consultation with his/her project guide.

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