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Certificates are legal documents issued for varying purposes during the duration of a construction project and include;

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This page has been established to upload sample documents to provide teachers with useful teaching resources. Please note these samples are "generic" and will need to be altered to suit specific projects.

Key points

1. It is the owner's right to choose a certifying authority who will issue the relevant certificates after inspecting the relevant stages of construction.

2. Under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act in NSW the Principal Certifying Authority (capable of issuing construction, occupancy and compliance certificates) can be the local council or a registered private certifier.

3. Some types of development (normally minor in nature) can be directly approved by the issue of a complying development certificate by the PCA (Principal Certifying Authority).

4. Builders can generally issue a waterproofing certificate if the works have been performed or supervised by them directly.

5. Other essential service certificates (termite barriers, smoke alarms, electrical and plumbing services) must be issued by specialist licenced tradesmen.

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