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EOTC and preparing to work outside of school

  1. Discuss your project requirements with your mentor to identify the benefits of working off-site. What resources do you need that the school does not have?
  2. Discuss whether your project is high-risk or low risk. Check this table for guidelines.
  3. Discuss with your mentor whether the EOTC is high or low-risk AND that you have permission from your parents or caregivers if required.
  4. If your mentor has indicated that your EOTC is high-risk, print off and fill in the EOTC RAMS form. Get your mentor to help you fill in the EOTC RAMS form.
  5. Either you or your mentor needs to take your EOTC RAMS form to a Quality Teaching Leader to get it signed.
  6. If your EOTC is high risk, hand the filled in and signed off EOTC forms to Kelly at reception.
  7. Sit down WITH YOUR MENTOR and ask them to fill in the EOTC online application form (mentors have link and password) by no later than the Monday before you wish to be out of school.
  8. ---------- FINAL CHECK BY 2pm Tuesday - In the form , is your row/name in green? If it isn't, you need to talk to your mentor ASAP. ----------
  9. You need to sign in and/or out at reception if you are attending part of a day at school.