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NCEA Level:
Primary Qualification:
Primary Learning Area:

What is this course about?

The Level 2 course develops skills, control and confidence, which are valuable to you in all of your studies and in whatever careers you choose to follow. This course explores the world of live theatre and acting for the theatre. Along the way, participants will develop skills and confidence in oral presentation as well as the skills in the use of and the reading of body language as a part of communication. They will also work on such competencies as relating to others, participating and contributing in groupwork,, self management and, of course, thinking. Performances will include improvisations, extracts from plays, devised drama and staging a performance evening for an outside audience in our thatree. Each assessment has a small written component that must be completed to achieve the standard. You will explore the use of movement, voice, scripted drama, techniques, elements, conventions, and different forms of theatre, whilst having the chance to gain skills in the technical and production aspects of drama and performance.

What will I learn?

You will learn a variety of styles and genres of drama and theatre performance and how to combine the acting techniques of voice, movement, geature and use of space to effectively convey your own ideas or those of a playwright in performance.

What sorts of things will I do?

You will take part in group performances that explore various genres of drama and styles of theatre such as improvisation, devising, scripted performance and performance in the style of a theatre form or period.You will study how acting techniques can be combined to convey meaning effectively in performance and begin to study the theory that underpins some theatre styles.

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4

Key Dates / Milestones
  • AS91213 Assessment Beginning Week 27 March
Key Dates / Milestones
  • AS91214 Assessment Beginning Week 17 July
Key Dates / Milestones
  • 91218 Assessment Beginning Week 8 September

Key Dates / Milestones

What standards can I enter?

Summary of standards:
NCEA Level: Standard Number: Name of standard: Version Number: Credits: Literacy
Two AS91213 Apply drama techniques in a scripted context.
2 4 (Int)
L1, R
Two AS91214 Devise and perform a drama to realise an intention.
5 (Int) L1
Two AS91215 Discuss a drama/theatre form or period with reference to a text.
4 (Ext)

L1, B

Two AS91218 Perform a substantial acting role in a scripted production.
2 5 (Int) L1, R
Two AS91219 Discuss drama elements, techniques, conventions and technologies within live performance.
2 4 (Ext) L1, W

Total available credits: 22
  • Because of the group nature of assessments in Drama, there is no opportunity for reassessments. 

The code letters under Assessment have the following meanings: 

  • N - L1 and UE numeracy
  • L - L1 literacy
  • R - UE reading literacy                    
  • W - UE writing literacy

Please check the actual date of the assessment on the ASHS Assessment Calendar

  Vocational Pathways provide a framework for students to show how their learning and achievement is valued in the workplace by aligning learning to the skills needed for industry. 

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