ASHS Coursebook: 2AUT (Level 2 Automotive)

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Information icon.svg 2AUT
NCEA Level:
Primary Qualification:
Other Qualification:
Primary Learning Area:

What is this course about?

The aim of this course is to assist interested students into careers relating to the Automotive Industry. This course  has been created by the school in conjunction with Fairview Educational Services, who privide the assessment material

As this is purely a UNIT STANDARD based course, the will be no opportunity for course endorsement.

What will I learn?

To allow for the theory and practical components of this course, students will be expected to engage in three elements to complete the programme.

Theory: One period per week on theory related to the course. Initially the focus is on the compulsory standards, which students must pass . Later on we will be working through the other theory units.there is an opportunity to have assistance for theory related components required for completion of Accelerate standards.

Practical: As this is a school based course, students cannot be assessed for any Automotive based practcial work. However, we will be doing a lot of practical work, some of which can be assessed. 

What sorts of things will I do?

Examples of different types of activities completed through the different elements of the course are:


  • Working through Study Guides, practice examples and sitting assessments.
  • Completing reflective statements about learning and goal setting throughout the year.


  • Gain practical work skills .
  • Complete practical tasks credited towards National Certificates.
  • Experience what being an Automotive Apprentice entails.
  • Meet with other industry professionals and assessed by Automotive Industry training professionals.

Professional Reflection: 

  • Discuss experiences and activities performed within workshop settings.
  • Share personal experiences relating to the Automotive industry.
  • Watch and discuss current automotive practices through a variety of media.
  • Have an opportunity to work on current theory standards yet to be completed.

What standards can I enter?

Summary of standards:
Standard Number: Name of standard: Version Level Credits: Assessment:
        US 15408
                      Demonstrate motor vehicle safe motoring requirements and general locations of systems and components
5 1


         US 4261

                             Identify legal rights and obligations in relation to owning and operating a private motor vehicle

4 2
        US 21857

                                          Identify the occupational areas and structure of the New Zealand Motor Industry

2 1

         US 231

                                                    Explain the operation of two and four stroke petrol and diesel engines
9 2

       US 16113

                                                Demonstrate knowledge of safe working practices in an automotive workshop
5 2


     US 12349

                                                                            Demonstrate knowledge of time management
3 2

Total available credits: 19

* Standards which are compulsory and must be achieved

Frequently asked questions:

Is there a cost to participate in this course?

There is no actual cost for participating in the course as this is covered by STAR funding. 

What if I have my own contact at a workshop?

Fantastic! However you cannot have any practical assessment carried out at the workshop
What if I do not passany of the standards?

You have the opportunity to resit any standards you have been unsuccessful in. However you cannot start any future education in the Automotive Industry until both 21857 and 16113 have been completed,.