Adult User Education/Module 3 Discussion Questions

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  1. Consider the different ideas surrounding collaboration that we have been reading about this module. Discuss one idea for a collaboration project:
    • What kind of library would you be working in?
    • Who would you collaborate with?
    • What kind of project would you like to work on?
    • How would your project benefit the adult user?
    • Why do you think this collaboration might work? Feel free to share information based upon one of the potential collaborators you will be using for Assignment 3.
  2. Academic integrity, copyright infringement, intellectual property disputes - these are all topics that have a common idea of taking something written, photographed, recorded, or thought up from someone else. I provided a few examples of high profile cases where these issues came up. Now it's your turn!
    • Find an incident of a breech of integrity dealing with adults - this can be from an online search, personal experience, etc.
    • If there is a link to information on this incident, please provide it. If not, please provide an overview of the situation.
    • Explain why you think this incident happened, and what kind of education or information would have helped the individual keep from making this mistake.
    • What were the repercussions for this incident? Were they too strict or too lenient? How do you feel about people being punished for a breech of integrity?

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Assignment 3

Pick a particular library setting (academic, public, or special). Consider what other collaborators (businesses, organizations, university departments, etc.) your library might be able to partner with that could help to support an adult user instruction program. Think of at least 3 different collaborators and how these partnerships could be achieved. Here are a few things to consider:

  • What issues might arise in collaborating with each?
  • How could problems be avoided or addressed if they are encountered?
  • What would the stakeholders on each side get out of this kind of partnership?

Create a proposal for each potential collaborator in which you:

  • Provide information about your library
  • Describe the need for collaboration
  • Explain the strengths and services that the potential collaborator could provide
  • Explain the return which the collaborator would gain by working with your library
  • Address how any difficulties you see might be handled

***Suggested length – 3 to 6 pages.

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Journal Reflection

Respond to the following in 300 to 400 words:

  • Was it hard to come up with 3 collaborators?
  • Were you surprised at the kinds of issues that could come up?
  • Do you think that collaboration is worth the effort?
  • What do you think is the biggest hurdle in collaborating with others?
  • Have you seen copyright or plagiarism issues with your adult users?

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