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Induction Programme on Engineers’ Day

Collage of Engineering (TMU, Moradabad) celebrated Engineers’ Day and organized Induction Programme at the auditorium of TMU on 15 Sep. 2010. The programme incorporated the following events: warm welcome of new students of B.Tech. and Polytechnic, discussion on Engineers’ Day, introduction of rules and regulations of the university, proctor’s message, views and blessings of dignitaries, slide presentation for educational motives and a vote of thanks at the end.

The honourable Chancellor of TMU was the Ehief Guest who inaugrated, the function. The Group Chancellor, the Vice Chancellor and the Registrar were the distinguished guests during the celebration.

In his inaugured speech, Prof. K.K. Pande, Director of COE, experessed his views on Engineers Day highlighting the contribution of Sir Inbleshagundam Visvesvaraya (1860-1962) to the field of Engineering as this day is celebrated on his birthday. He also mentioned that simplicity, honesty and climate change is the theme of Engineers Day this year.

Dr. S.R.Ali, Proctors of COE, welcomed the students and said that he as well as his team is making his best efforts in creating peaceful, fear free and anti-ragging environment in the institute. He also advised students not to come with multimedia mobile sets to the institute as such things not allowed to be used in the campus.

The honorable Registrar of TMU stressed on the role of Engineers in creating infrastruchral comforts for the welcome of the masses. He also stated that students might have opted their courses either by choice or by chance, they must glority their profession through their perseverence and hard work. He emphasized on the need of economic growth, social development and environmental protection. He also congratulated students for pursuing education in TMU.

The honorable Vice Chancellor of TMU extented his warm welcome to the new students enrolled for Polytechnic and B.Tech courses. He mentioned that TMU is making its sincere efforts in creating not only good professionals but also good human beings through its education system. He said that TMU instills competency, creativity and inter-personal skills in its students, and for which the universuty and focuses on proper class-room teaching, social learning and life-skills side by side.

Reported by Abnish