831 - Typewriting

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Complete keyboard mastery by touch-alphabetic, numeric, and special characters.

A knowledge of all parts of the typewriter and their proper orientation, paper sizes and their proper use.

Attention to good posture and motion-saving techniques in relation to key stroking, and manipulation of machine parts, the handling of materials, and listening for the bell.

The development of proficiency of straight copy of varying degrees of difficulty. Timed writing and testing at all stages. Proof-reading and recording of progress.

Simple letter styles: block, semi-block, reference notation, attention and subject lines, personal letters, envelope addressing, open and closed punctuation, the division of words.

The use of carbon paper, erasing and corrections. (This would include a knowledge of correcting errors by means of erasers, fluids and coated papers).

Simple tabulation of columns of words and figures. (This would include horizontal and vertical ruling with pen or by typewriter).

Ink stencils and spirit masters: their preparation and use.


Manuscripts and correction signs, footnotes, and knowledge of Roman numerals.

Typing on blank business forms and documents. (The forms and documents will include invoices, statements, form letters, credit notes, debit notes, purchase orders, telegrams, application forms and checks).