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WizIQ is an online learning platform. The site is designed to help students and teachers find each other, and to provide an online virtual classroom learning environment. The site was started by Harman Singh who is also the CEO of authorGEN a Raleigh based company (with a development arm in Chandigarh, India) whose flagship product is authorSTREAM. WizIQ\’s Alexa traffic rank for India places it among the top 1,000 highest traffic sites,and its global Alexa traffic rank exceeds many of its competitors (Edufire, Myngle, Sclipo, GuruFi) The WizIQ virtual classroom runs using a Web browser and Adobe Flash. On the site, one can find online tests, tutorials, and recorded classes. WizIQ also serves as a social networking site to bring together educators and students from around the world. There is no vetting of the teachers on the site, as anybody can become a teacher and anybody can be a student. Teachers upload their profiles advertising what they teach, tutorials, their experience and credentials and students can run searches, find recorded classes to watch, tutorials to take, or teachers to work with. The website indicates that a dial-up modem will be functional but that broadband is recommended for a better experience. WizIQ has similar features to other e-learning, web conferencing and other online learning platform providers.

  1. Audio/video
  2. Whiteboard
  3. Support for PowerPoint
  4. Screensharing

Support for other file types including sound, video, documents Microsoft Word Flash, PDF, etc.